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Address detail : Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States
customer service number : +1 951-652-5005

AAMCO Corporate Customer Service Number

Email address : [email protected]
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Dennis Addesso:

Drop my truck of to amco 6 weeks ago in point Pleasant NJ on bridge ave ask them to change wiring harness was told where was a bad pair in transmission told then just repair the truck know Monday the 30th of august I will pick the truck up and take it to someone who can do the work the service manager it Ken I will never do business with you again and tell everyone not to use amco..Posted on Aug 29, 2016

Konya Johnson:

I went to Aamco in Suffolk VA. Told them i need my Heat evaporator box replaced. They said they cant confirm that until they exam it. $1100.00 later, nothing replaced, box glued together and a 90 day warranty.Posted on Aug 28, 2016

Larry Watts:

We chose an Aamco car care shop to recondition our transmission believing that the national warranty represented value and that an Aamco shop was part of a chain that could deliver quality service. We took our car to the shop located at 2610 6th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama, with a confidence that the initial assessment would be right. The amount we paid for the repairs was for the purpose of delivering a reconditioned transmission. Upon closer inspection of the ticket, the shop used vague language regarding the terms and conditions of the warranty and statement of work that would make it difficult for any other Aamco dealer to honor this warranty. In fact, it appears that the dealer replaced our transmission with a used transmission from another car as evidenced by the presence of a harness tie-down from another vehicle while the electrical harness from our prior transmission was not connected to the harness of the replacement transmission. We are still within the 36,000-mile warranty and want our car repaired by another dealer or a complete refund.Posted on Aug 22, 2016

Ginger ferguson:

Was ripped off by aamco blacksburg. Now they out of business. Been screwed out of 7000 and after a yr having to put in another new transmission and tranfer case. your franchise owner sucks. i want to know who and how to get a hold of the owner i want reimbursed.Posted on Aug 10, 2016

Sarah Anderson:

I'm extremely frustrated. My car was having issues for a few weeks, so decided to take it in for the free diagnostic. I was then told it could be a couple issues, and to not drive it till I bring it in for repairs. So I went 2 weeks without driving it, until I could take it in. I was told that with what was wrong that my transmission was going out, and I had a little bit of time. But 5 hrs after that it broke down. I know it's coincidence, but I find it quite weird it breaks down after they looked at it. I drove it for weeks, mainly 5 miles back and forth to work, it was rough but it ran. I'm mainly upset because I was charged $136 for a service of taking off one part, cleaning it, and all for it to break down later that day. If anything I wish to be refunded some of the money, because it seems to high to pay for such a simple maintenance just to have it break down right away. I'm struggling through life, so it's hard enough the car breaks down and then be out $136.Posted on Jun 29, 2016

Ron Petersen:

Had our 1994 Lexus towed to your shop on Golf Links and Kolb in Tucson, Arizona because the transmission was slipping. Miles insisted the problem was the mass air flow sensor. So we went ahead and got that part installed. Drove about a mile down the road and the transmission failed again. Called back Miles and he sent a tow truck again. Turned out it was the transmission, but it was around $4000.00, which we couldn't afford. Called Miles back today and paid $65 to get car towed back to our house. Tow truck driver arrived and said we owed $78 for the tow, called Miles again and he said the $65 we paid this morning was for when we had the car towed back to your shop?? We shouldn't have to pay for the two tows or for the mass air flow sensor. Now we have a car with a new mass air flow sensor but can't drive it anyway because the transmission is bad.Posted on Jun 18, 2016

Ryan Edwards:

I took my vehicle to your aamco location in Hayward CA. So my clutch could be looked at. After I paid $1000.00 i received my car back with zip ties holding parts together was told I needed a new transmission a different noise then what it went in there with and still a clutch problem that was diagnost from a different shop. I have no idea what my $1000.00 was for because nothing was done to the vehicles clutch and aamco's shop on mission tells me o well I wont help you. Corprate never calls back so I loose my money snd still have to pay for another shop to do what I paid the first shop to do already. Funny business dealings through aamco locations.Posted on Jun 07, 2016

Montie Course:

Shame on AAMCO and yo deserve 2 black eyes I will never recommend your company to even scoop dogie poop anymore. I had my brother in-law take Dad's explorer to shop in York PA and we were promised work would be started and done soon as the transmission got there. The transmission has been there 4 weeks and work has not even been started yet. What part of a verbal contract do yo people not comprehend?Posted on May 15, 2016


The correct phone number for the claims department is 1-800-292-8500!Posted on Apr 08, 2016

tiffani miles:

My name is Tiffani Miles. My vehicle went to Aramco shop appropriately March 2,2016. The Belair Maryland location. I was told that the repair cost was 3,300.00 and now that the car is ready I was told it was 4500.00. That is not the price that I was told, and Keith did not contact me to tell me that the price change! Please help. My car is still at the shop.Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Deborah Wilson:

I had my transmission replaced in my 2010 Ford Explorer by AAMCO at 11323 Midland Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63114. That was in November 2015. Today, 3/15/2016, I took it in to my mechanic for leaking transmission flid and noise on acceleration. It is warrantied at AAMCO. However, I have concerns regarding taking it to the same AAMCO that didn't fix it correctly in the first place even with a warranty on the reworked tranny. I'd like to have a different AAMCO look at it and honor the warranty. Is that possible?Posted on Mar 16, 2016

Rhoda Barnes:

On February 19th, 2015, I had my 2009, impala v6 3.5 liter transmissio rebuild. The miles were 148,593 and on September 1st I am back with transmission problem with 164, 186 miles. It is now February again, less than a year with transmission problem. I am not a mechanic, but it appears the work weren't done correct the first time. the miles now 179, 186. I have talked to tim and ron. I asked for owner. As of today, they are talking about a large amount of money. I have paid over $3000.Posted on Feb 19, 2016

Danielle Holt:

I went to aamco to have them check my transmission fluid. He told me in order for me to get my transmission fluid checked I had to get a oil change. I told him I do not need a oil change also he tried to over charge me 30 dollars and the signed said 19.99 for a oil change. So when they got finished messing up my car they tried to get me to buy one of there cars. Also before I left my car would not start they had to give me a jump. They never told me anything about my transmission. He told me a lot of things was wrong with my car but they never put it on paper and the transmission inspection was suppose to be free. So I want my 22.00 dollars back because I told him I did not need a oil change and the coupon said the service was free. So I'm going to contact the manager and ask for my money back. If not I'm contacting the corporate office also to resolve this matter thank you have a nice day. Sincerely, Danielle HoltPosted on Feb 13, 2016

Dave Sonner:

I had my van in your store In aurora il on route 31 about 2 weeks ago. I talked with John a nice guy to which I thought. My van ended up needing a complete rebuilt transmission. I use my van for work it's very important I have it to do my job I'm a service guy for the company I work for. John gave me a quote between $1800-$2400 and told me 3-4 days to have it done. When it was all said and done I paid $400 more then the high part of the quote and took 6 days to complete and lost half a days pay because I was told 3-4 days.The reason I was told it wasnt done because john was sick and some other guy I called 10 minutes on the 5th day before closing told me not someone called me to tell why it wasn't done. I'm extremely disappointed in how I was lied about price and finish date. In my business which I've been doing for 19 years if I told a customer a price and a finish date and did not make those promises I would lose that job or customer. To me it's very important not to be misleading especially when people are paying Alot of money for something. Hopefully this will help your compPosted on Feb 11, 2016