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Senior People Meet Customer Service Number

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customer service number of Senior People Meet : 1-866-727-8920
Address detail of Senior People Meet : PO Box 12647 Dallas, USA
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Comments (49) on Senior People Meet


Hello Admin, My name is Sneed and i signed up for seniorpeoplemeet and i noticed my pics are not showing. please kindly help me look into it. I am also a paid member.Posted on Sep 08, 2016


Please do not automatically charge my credit card next month. Please delete my account, please. I’d also like a refund as I felt your site was not my cup of tea, although it’s a nice site. Please delete my funlorelei2016 profile immediately and remove my credit card info, please. Do not charge me again, please. If you can, please refund me. At least, cancel my subscription and delete my profile. My email is [email protected]Posted on Sep 04, 2016

catherine gann:

I am now receiving 11 matches a day instead of 5. Maybe 1 is acceptable. My cut off age is 60 and you are sending me people in their 50's or even late 40's. I don't like having to look at all 11 pictures for no reason. Besides the unacceptable age range, these people are the bottom of the barrel. If this is all there is, maybe it's time for me to cancel my subscription. Please don't continue to waste my time with these completely ridiculous profiles.Posted on Sep 01, 2016

Roland Martins:

Please fix my profile back or Refund me back, my name is Rolland and my email and user name is [email protected] and user name is Rolland for you, They just deduct my money just now, I have not even message any body, here is the transaction details, please refund my money if you can not fix it, i am not even searching again if keep deleting my account, i need my money back in my card. 888-8922065, TX Transaction Type: POSPreAuth Receipt Number: MPGBFJEI5 Reference: 360100Posted on Sep 01, 2016

Marcia Folkes:

I have emailed you on two occasions with questions about your on line dating site. There are people posing to be other then they say they are. You have not responded to my emails. I am now going to try and reach you by phone. If that doesn't work I am left with no further alternative but to seek other solutions regarding this web site.Posted on Aug 31, 2016


my keep getting asked for my zip code, birthday. credit card, I can't do anything. I still get money taken from my card. better allow me in or I am going to cancel..Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Deb Dice:

I have forgotten my email address I signed up with. I have recently changed my email address and can't remember which one I signed up with. I also need to know my password or to reset my password.Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Linea Chrchill:

Account was supposed to be cancelled and no, nada renewal. I'm broke. Now can't pay my rent so want a refund of $69 immediately.Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Regina Kramer:

How can I retrieve my profile I posted in 2012?? I successfully posted and found the love of my life through your site. We have been together since 2012, living and traveling together a love made in Haven. I would like to share our profiles with a friend and help her to find love too. My profile email address was and : [email protected] (Regina Kramer) and my partners was/is: [email protected] (Donald Kaiser).. If you want s to be a couple story for you promotion we could send you our story and photos as well.Posted on Aug 15, 2016

Witty Widow:

Canceled my subscription previously but was offered half-price membership. Accepted because I was under the impression it would end when that expired. Money was removed from my account again last week. Please refund the full amount. I'm on a fixed budget. You have caused an overdraft on my bank account! I met someone six months ago and this is no longer needed. In addition to this correspondence, I will be calling; hopefully I can talk to one of your agents. Posted on Aug 11, 2016


I wold like to cancel my senior people meet as of 8/6/2016 Gabbie 10 is my name on email/do not charge me any longer. Please contact me by email to confirm my this, thanks To [email protected], health problems, can not afford this any longer.Posted on Aug 06, 2016


I am going to cancel my profile the reason is I do not like that when I view someone profile it automatically gives different messages that I did not say i.e. You deserve a flirt or other things. If I want to take a chance and send a brief message I will do so myself. Very unhappy .Posted on Aug 05, 2016

Dominic DiDonne:

Hi it seem there a few People that have my Problem from ready these comment went to get on my site and I can not WHY there asking me for my zip code and then my e-mail and my birthday and the 4 last of my credit card, if you check my my profile its all there so what is the problem once again read the comment it seems that this is common with this site. I need help please call me 814 279 4559. DominicPosted on Jul 30, 2016

Bonnie Black:

I want to cancel my service with senior people meet. I am not working and need to watch my money. Whatever is not necessary need to cancel. Please send confirmation on cancellation to [email protected] Appreciate Bonnie BlackPosted on Jul 16, 2016

anne prinsen:

I am enrolled in Senior people meet, and cannot get on the site. they keep asking for information and a message says something is not correct. I don't know what is wrong.Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Dennis Cvnningham:

You have scammed me with two charges yesterday I never joined. It's over $100. Dennis CvnninghamPosted on Jul 11, 2016

Lisa Dixon:

Received an email saying that my email to my account has been changed. I did not do that and I no longer can get into my account. I am a paid subscriber and i am very concerned about this! Please help LisaPosted on Jul 09, 2016

Dianne Bishop:

Over Charged me for 3 months and only wanted a 1 month membership. They lied to my bank and said it was a renewal so my back reversed the charges. Extremely hard to contact.Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Mariney Seneme:

Its disgusting the lack of respect that these company show to their customers, I was trying to talk to someone and I have to wait on the phone with someone to get some help with my question of what do I have to give my credit card to recover my password and be able to login my account if is already paid? Its this legal? Because I got tied of wait and nobody ever talk to me I decided to tried to find some help here. I hope its a more competent service.Posted on Jul 06, 2016


i don't know why i can't access my settings page, my messages are not getting to the other end,please tell me what the problem is and if yo can refund back my money. thanks.Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Jean Toles:

6/29/15 Thank you. My account has been rendered inactive. If my health improves for I will reapply. Jean TolesPosted on Jun 29, 2016

Mary Smith:

On June 9, 2016, I paid for a one month subscription to Senior People Meet. I was led to believe by your web site that the process wold take ten business days and that I wold be notified by email when my account was fully active. Payment to account 105x13* 7863 was made by W-Receipt # 622-527-7865. to date, June 27, 2016, I have not been notified nor can I pull up information on my account on the website. Please either credit my account and notify me or refund the ##.95 please 6.50 transfer fee. Also, please note that when tying into this, the letter between T and V will not appear. This is an issue with your comment box-not my spelling.Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Jessica Catapano:

Hi, Please help me. I thought I was saying yes to a free trial today, but instead you charged my credit card twice. This happened today, 6/26/16. Please refund my money so I can first learn how to use this site and if I like it. Please call, or e-mail me. My home number is 631-828-8838 and my elk is 631-466-8166. I don't know exactly how this happened, but I would appreciate if you rectified the problem. That would make me want to deal with you in the future. I just first want to try it out. Thank you Jessicacatapano Catapano [email protected]Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Brian Mllen:

I cancelled my pay account for over 4 Months now, to see a bill from your agency re-charging me. I want this account closed and my charges for $29.96 returned. I did not re-register and you have not authority to charge me. Kindly contact me immediately and I will also make an inquiry to my bank of fraud lent deduction. Brian MllenPosted on Jun 24, 2016

Chuck jones:

I can not get to my account for and could not for several weeks now. I wanted to turn off automatic renewal since I met someone.Posted on May 18, 2016


I change phones and lost my email at [email protected] they need to be chang ed to [email protected] thanksPosted on May 18, 2016

Marie Demientieff:

I being ripped off. You are taking money monthly after I cancelled my sub ascription! Please return the past 3 months of stealing my money! I will report you if you do not have my money replaced in 3 days. $29.98 a month. Please call me 907 331 9585 to make arrangements. Thank youPosted on May 13, 2016


I can't search for my profile. my card was charged and still my profile search my profile. I need response. I will patiently wait to hear back. ChrisPosted on Apr 20, 2016


I just received a welcome email. I did not want to join or have my info on your site. Remove NOW and confirm to my email today.Posted on Apr 15, 2016

J Meitler:

Need help there is a scammer on the website, I am new to this, I was contacted by a man who after a few weeks ask me to contact him at his email and to call him. After 3 steady months of contact that way and his waiting to meet then his work prevented it, he went to China, even sent me photos of the website photo of that person in China, he was me for $5K to be sent for his son's cancer research, I said I can't do that, he became defensive and, then started calling me and texting me again to continue the relationship, 10 days later he ask for $1K his friend had paid $4K then he ask me last week for $5K. I think this person has hacked someone else photo's, he has called me many times has a British accent, He said his name is Brian Gerald Hichborn, his name on line is AspenDde57 (my letter is not not working on my keyboard, its the letter between y and I his email is [email protected] his phone number is 970-818-7313.Posted on Apr 04, 2016

Susan appell:

I am predominantly given matches are searches in Ct. I live in NY and geographically it is not appropriate for these being determined to be good search results. How about NYC.....much closer.Posted on Mar 18, 2016

rhonda McCormick:

Why was i quickly charged for a free trial. Please reimburse my bank account. I find this tone annoying. I do not wish to become a member. Please keep you're word and credit my account.Posted on Mar 14, 2016

rbonda McCormick:

Please refund my money. I was charged for free trial a d am unhappy.Posted on Mar 14, 2016

Georgiann Sproed:

I am being blocked from Senior site, How can I get back on? II have been a member for years.Posted on Mar 08, 2016

Georgiann Sproed:

I would like to get back on Senior people meet, but am being blocked. What can I do?Posted on Mar 08, 2016

patricia antoncci:

I try to get on and I cant it takes me to the payment section and says 50% off. I joined over a week ago and I paid 20 dallars it was a special and now I cant get on. why people are leaving me messages and I cant read them why I try to call and no answer says your company is open at 8 then says email whats going on with this site. I want to read my message I paid for it.Posted on Mar 02, 2016

Anthony Surratte:

I would like to know if I want to cancel my paid subscription or paid membership how would I do so if I don't feel this site is right for me. What I want to change my billing information how would I do so.Posted on Feb 20, 2016

maritza chavez:

Please advise the guy under funjames5790. He is lying he doesn't live delray bch. His phone is not him. His, email [email protected] I don't trust this page. I am loosing my time. It is creepy people.Posted on Feb 17, 2016


A person who becomes a member does not seem to have an option on their website to delete the profile or any informationPosted on Feb 08, 2016

Clark Stratton:

Somehow my name, MoJoe44 has had messages sent to men rather then women. This happened last night (flirts were sent to many men). I have been on site for three weeks and I am a straight male. Happened sometime last night. I am mad at this and need this fixed right away. If not fixed I will demand payment back. Tried to call at 8:45 a.m est and see that not available till 8:00 a.m. CDT. Will be calling- want this fixed now.Posted on Jan 28, 2016


I put fee for 6 months membership for Senior People Meet on my Citi Card several days ago but have not received any confirmation mail for this payment. Your site will not let me access or send messages after payment for membership made. What's the problem?Posted on Jan 26, 2016

Don Pflanzner:

Hello someone is in my account again NOT MY PHOTO I did not have my account renewed I want my account shut down NOW REMOVE MY CREDIT CARD IMFORMATION I no longer want anything on record with this email address.. it fraud plan and simple.... I will be calling the number above today Also any charges to my credit card I expect returned A.S.A.P Don PflanznerPosted on Dec 29, 2015

Marcy Poland:

I need to change my email address from [email protected] to [email protected] the first one has been assigned to another person. I already paid for a 6 month subscription but if I cannot get emails, it will be for nothing. I need your helpPosted on Dec 18, 2015


Remove bill recently received to cover a usage period that is of NEXT YEAR. This email is to officially CANCEL this account therefore, NO PAYMENT IS DUE. Please email me to confirm you have corrected this account immediately. Thank you, JoePosted on Dec 06, 2015

Andria Fort:

Your site is just Our Time with a different name.I stopped that subscription for the same reasons I am stopping this one.You give me the same tired 30 guys over and over.The other are men and women too(Did not ask for ladies) from places across the country .My specs are about 30 miles away. Please stop everything today Thursday 12-3-15 I am truly dissapointed in your deception.I am sure you are locked up tight legally so I won't contact a lawyer. Please return the rest of my membership my original credit card.Let me know when you have done so. Thank you, Andria Fort [email protected]Posted on Dec 04, 2015


Hi, I just reopened my membership with your site and none of my messages are reaching there destinations. When I go back to look at any conversations I've had with others my messages don't appear anywhere. Also, a woman I am trying to communicate with is experiencing the same thing. Here's a copy of her message to me: Subject: Re: Hi Laurane, Ho There must be something wrong. I was just In the middle of writing and my message disappeared. Let's see if you get this. Best, Laurane I believe you haven't received any complaints because you don't have posted a way to reach out to your customer service team in the event of users experiencing or having any issues. I had to search outside the site to find this page. Please post on the site so others can address their issues. Please look into where our messages are going and why there's no conversation history like your affiliate sites.Posted on Nov 19, 2015

Charles Worrill:

Me and other members are experiencing issues with your email system. When write and send emails to other members, go back to view them they're not there. The person i am in contact with Is experiencing the same thing. Please address this issue a.s.a.p. ThanksPosted on Nov 19, 2015

Shawna Vanhooks:

This is my second time leaving a complaint. I was charged for a monthly fee when I upgraded my membership. Your site still has me listed as a free member. Please refund me my money back to my account and cancel my membership.Posted on Nov 19, 2015

Don Bozeman:

Currently I have stopped receiving emails from your website concerning daily matches and flirts. Recently, I had a friend visiting using my computer to play games. Perhaps he did something wrong or deleted things he should not have. I know he made some errors on hitting buttons on my television DVR scheduling recording of commercials and news programs he did not intend to record. Can you restore your daily service to me? Don BozemanPosted on Sep 05, 2015