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The address of the Mitt Romney is Detroit, Michigan, United States you can go through with this address detail for contacting Mitt Romney for their queries.

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Patricia A. Robinson Cole:

Mr. Romney, I live in Brighton, Michigan. I have family in Fairview Cemetery, not far from the grave of Gov. George W. Romney. I often visit Fairview, passing the graves listed on the marker of him and Lenore. It is sad to see no one places flowers, etc. at their memorial site, or leaves memorial wreaths. A few times, a few small evergreen trees have been planted there. However, they don't thrive and are removed. As a past Gov. of the State of Michigan, I believe his grave site needs to be better honored. The reason for my message here is, to say, I am interested in having permission to maintain their grave site in a more appropriate way. I am not asking for payment to do this, except for the cost for items of appropriate decorations, on days like Memorial Day, Father's Day, and Mother's Day.Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Suzanne Harrell:

You really are a narcissist ! You ought to be ashamed of yourself ! I am 68 yr old conservative Christian woman. I have researched & contacted most of the 50 that signed Trump letter! Now I see you are just another globalist -- only concerned about your millions, not about this country! I saw your speech at the Clinton Globalist Initiative!Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Mia Chase:

Mitt - I've tried to connect on the Mitt Romney campaign site without success. I have something for you from the Salt Lake City Fire Department. Please contact me ASAP.Posted on Sep 02, 2016

Brenda Crews:

Mr. Romney, I just want to let you know how very disappointed I am in you! I voted for you when you ran for president, but you lost. Now we again have an opportunity to save our nation, with the lord's mercy, and yet you defy trump and won't stand behind the Republican Party. What are you thinking? You care more about yourself than our nation??? Get behind trump and come out as a unified party, please! Our nation is in trouble!Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Leslie Sears:

Email to Glenn Beck: If you and your anti-Trump cohorts succeed and the witch gets back into the White House, our blood will be on your hands. I cannot imagine for the life of me why you, Romney, Cruz, Kasich, and National Review insist on undercutting Trump. Cruz and Kasich need to get over it. They lost. Too bad. They need to cowboy up and support the nominee. For you people to carry on with your opposition to Trump is counterproductive, mean-spirited, and dangerous to our country. If Hillary succeeds in the election, what do you gain? “I told you so”? At the expense of the Supreme Court, our constitutional rights, and (most probably) our lives? Grow up and start acting like adults. Support Trump. So what if you don’t think he should have won the nomination. A vote against Trump will be like repeating history with Ross Pirot or Ron Paul: And the consequences will be far more dire and final - a disaster for our nation. Again: Mr. Beck, get off your high horse and recognize the remedial fact that if you don’t stop bad-mouthing Trump.Posted on Aug 24, 2016


Please mitt, consider entering as an independent candidate! The other choices are sickening, on both sides. Mitt, you can take on Donald trump. If you don't get into this race, we are faced of 4 - 8 years of another Clinton who!! Please consider entering! Posted on Aug 13, 2016


Mr. Romney, I am a resident of Michigan, am 62 years old next month, and have been a life-long republican, until the primaries this past spring. I voted for john Kasich from oh, and was disappointed in the end. I cannot and will not vote for Donald trump, and at the same time, cannot ever consider voting for Clinton either. Is there any way that we might find a way to get Romney in as an independent candidate? Please, consider this, after looking at the alternatives we are being "forced" into.Posted on Aug 13, 2016

Pamela Prouty:

Mitt, It is time to get over your self and stand up for God and America. We love Donald Trump, we want America to be great again. If you do not support Donald then be honest and call yourself a Globalist, you obviously support Hilary? You want a one world government and the Clintons. God help us! Shame on you! So choose either be a Republican or be a Democrat. Stop putting Donald Trump down!Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Rhonda Blevins:

Mitt, please back Donald for the sake of the grandchildren. Don't not vote. It is so important the Sp Ct. not be overtaken by liberals.Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Dave Beale:

Greetings Mitt. You represent the last of the Republicans who still have a soul. Stick to your principles. It's nice to have one Rep I can trust This is screwed up, Duck this.Posted on Jul 20, 2016


Mitt, my family, friends and I voted for you in 2012 because you were the right person for the job then. Trump is not only the right person for the job now, but Hillary is the worst person for president. You had a chance to put Obama to shame in that last debate, but you chose to do what your advisers suggested, to play it safe. You blew it then for all of us who supported the Republican candidate we thought could take it to Obama. Don't blow it again by not supporting Trump. It is not about you, it is about your country, our country.Posted on Jul 20, 2016

Mike McNamara:

Mitt, It is time to be a Republican now or the party will never want you to be included again. Please pass this on to the rest of your hold out friends. Trump is not as bad as Obama / Clinton and cold have a chance of winning with full support. We are sick of all the know it all's like this top group of extreme losers.Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Kimble Johnson:

Mitt, what is your problem? I certainly supported you in 2012 and then you ran the worst campaign possible. It was an embarrassment. And now you are making a fool of yourself. I have concluded that Mr. Trump is more qualified then you to be President. At least he recognizes the American peoples concerns and fights back against the Democratic crap. You need to go away or endorse Trump.Posted on Jul 17, 2016

Robert H. Adsit:

Please Mr Romney....RN for President! I'm 1 75 year old Republican from Frankfort, NY. Please Mr Romney....RN!!!!Posted on Jun 30, 2016


I am ashamed to call myself a republican .......between you and the bushes ......what a lot of jealous ..jealous jealous jerks.......get behind Donald and keep the witch from getting into the White House .Posted on Jun 26, 2016

Diana Krostek:

I'm Hispanic. Even I know the importance of backing Donald Trump. This election is the most important election in the History of our country. What's wrong with you Mitt Romney!!!Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Charles Evans:

You are a low live person not supporting Trump. He bet 17 very qualified politicians. I listen to Trump and I like what he says. You need to support the nominee.Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Kathleen K:

I am sorry I ever voted for you! The only thing you are going to do with your back stabbing of Donald Trump is help to elect a disgusting criminal! Your failure to endorse the Republican nominee is showing your nasty side. You seem very small and petty. Disloyal. Disgusting. Disappointing!!Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Ken McConnell:

What are you trying to do, get Hillary elected. You are destroying the GOP. I used to respect you. I was part of the 2002 Olympic Games and was so proud of what yo did for the Olympics. Now, with what you are doing to the GOP, I've lost any respect.Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Fay white:

If you love America then you would not want Hillary Clinton to win we have to stand behind trump we have to take back the White House you need to unite this party I voted for you I am a America and I want this country back we are hurting from Obama if we as republicans do not unite we will lose to need to think about America and go with trump.Posted on Jun 11, 2016


Mr. Romney, why not vote for Hillary instead. Voting for anyone other then Trump is the same as helping Hillary win the election. I voted for you and I'm sorry you didn't win, but Trump is the only candidate that has the best chance to stop scandalous Hillary in my opinion. I'm very disappointed that you are trying so hard to discourage people from voting for the Republican nominee. It's one thing to back a particular candidate, but it sounds like you would rather see Hillary win then Donald Trump win. I think, that this is the true intention of the "Never for Trump" group. Scandalous, establishment politics are ruining the people's trust in public officials. Sincerely, D. WolfleyPosted on Jun 11, 2016

Sandra Knapp:

I have never seen such a sore looser or a bigger baby. You couldn't believe you lost the election, you were so sure you would win. Your behavior just confirms my decision not to vote for you.Posted on Jun 11, 2016

Gloria Lee:

With you and Arnold trying to foul up the GOP`s chances at the white house, only shows just how much the GOP is in dis-array, with only one candidate that has grown the republican party in the past few months, it should be clear who you need to support. The GOP knows who that candidate is....the people are sending a strong message, and it is critical, and would be very wise to listen. The only way that the republican is going to win, is if they can pull the frustrated democrats over. Let's face it. There is only one candidate that can do that. I talk to my neighbors and family and friends and they all agree, and they all agree ( even the democrats ) that if they cannot win the Presidency this time around, then it really does not look good for the republican parties future.....we the people are speaking......Posted on Mar 08, 2016

Enid Difini:

My husband and I supported you in 2012 with the idea you were a decent person but knowing that you will be giving a speech tonight denouncing Trump has caused me to think otherwise. The RNC and you have not gotten the message from the American people that we are sick and tired of politics as all and that is why Tr mp is surging ahead in the primaries and instead of supporting him you are providing a fabulous opportunity for the democrats to stay in office. In other words you are destroying the GOP. We have supported the RNC for many years but I do believe that has come to an end unless things change and all become more cohesive.Posted on Mar 03, 2016